Warming of Oceans


Warming of Oceans

Oceans are our life blood

Living with water is imperative

Water sustains us in many ways

It isn’t only the sea creatures that are important

But the use these waters to traverse vast continents


Billions of tons of heat-trapping gases are in the atmosphere

These are the work of humans’ industrialized age

Our oceans however absorb these gases

The temperature of these waters rise

And marine life like sea lions, fish, and lobsters are affected


Heat waves cause toxic algae in the seas to grow

The sources of food for marine life die off or migrate

And such heat waves have caused extreme weather patterns

On the West Coast California has experienced drought

Heat has the effect of allowing stagnant air to warm the oceans


Storms are formed by heat waves

In 2018 the Gulf Coast was hit by the tropical storm Gordon

This storm generated by heat impacted cold water

It mixes with warm water to cause unpredictable weather conditions

In 2020 Michael was a tropical cyclone

That was strengthened to hurricane force winds

Killing over 60 people in Florida


“Universal Spirit, help our scientific efforts in combatting climate change.  Guide the work of scientists and citizens alike that they will have a handle in fighting unpredictable weather patterns.”



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