Sreams of Conciousness


Streams of Consciousness

Consciousness is like a river with flowing water.

This mindfulness stretches over a period of time.

And, makes us aware of ourselves and surroundings.

It’s the bedrock of our existence.


It’s best to think about consciousness not only as a moving body of water.

But, as a lake that’s always bubbling, and churning within us.

Awareness usually begins as a small mountain stream.

But, that’s only the beginning.

Before people reach the “Ocean of Thought” –

“The Universal Mind” -

This ubiquitous reality is the power of nature.

It symbolizes fertility – the growth and development of mindfulness.

This awareness guides and protects us on our journey through life.


Like moving water our consciousness is able to navigate obstacles.

It symbolizes life itself.

It tells us whether we’re on the right or wrong track.

It reveals all things.

Consciousness is inevitably the lifeblood of our existence.

So it’s good to be wise and nurture the mind.


If the conscience is warped your entire world is out of sync.

Be sure to keep your mind healthy.

Serve people, be mindfulness, and have faith in others.

“Eternal Spirit, help us to be in harmony with nature.  Inspire good works.  Teach us to know ourselves better, and be of service to other sentient beings.”







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