Forgive Others


Forgive Others

At all times try to forgive others. It’s a choice because you wish to move forward in a liberated way. As you embrace this gift, you will become whole.  You are taking the pain out of your own heart, and mending what was broken.  Believers in God, Allah, Brahma, Dao, and secular humanists know the benefits of forgiveness.  By forgiving you are setting a prisoner free, and doing so, you will heal.  This stage is found by the peace people find within their hearts.  In taking the high road you should never consider yourself weak, but as being a paragon of strength. Free yourself of bitterness, but if you continue to be angry, you will be robbing yourself of happiness.

Take forgiveness. Two levels here. One level: forgiveness means you shouldn't develop feelings of revenge. Because revenge harms the other person, therefore it is a form of violence. With violence, there is usually counterviolence. This generates even more violence — the problem never goes away. So that is one level. Another level: forgiveness means you should try not to develop feelings of anger toward your enemy. Anger doesn't solve the problem. Anger only brings uncomfortable feelings to yourself. Anger destroys your own peace of mind. Your happy mood never comes, not while anger remains. I think that's the main reason why we should forgive. With calm mind, more peaceful mind, more healthy body. An agitated mind spoils our health, very harmful for body. This is my feeling.

The Dalai Lama, The Wisdom of Forgiveness (2004) by the Dalai Lama and Victor Chan, p. 234.


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