A Promised Land


A Promised Land

Barack Obama’s A Promised Land is a rather insightful presidential autobiography. He explained how the Democratic party was able to pass a number of legislations. Obama pointed to victories with TARP, Recovery Act, Dodd-Frank Act, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, Immigration, and climate change. He failed in his effort to get legislation on the Dream Act for millions of undocumented children who reside in the United States.

Obama’s victories didn’t come easily. As these pieces of legislation made their way through the senate, they faced opposition from Republicans. In the senate Mitch McConnell would try to use the filibuster to block his legislation. Fortunately, when Obama first assumed the presidency, he had the backing of sixty Democratic senators. After the Democrats lost a seat in Massachusetts the healthcare bill appeared in jeopardy. With other legislation Democrats under Harry Reid relied on three Republican senators to secure a bipartisan majority.

In the book Obama wrote about his early ventures into politics. He described his days as a community activist, election to the Illinois legislative assembly, and the senate. A reader was able to share his frustrations in Springfield, Illinois. Some legislation he was able to pass, and Obama was caught up with his campaign strategy to run for the U.S. senate. The victory he achieved was significant as an African American, and he was able to coax his wife Michelle go along with his future plans. Obama took giant steps, and other ventures which eventually led him to run for the presidency.

Though out the book his style was reflective. He reminisced about campaigns like Iowa that went well during the primaries with Hillary Clinton. He let his audience know about those that he could have done better. And Obama was honest in pointing out his failures. He also expressed ideas about how he could have done better during his presidency. Nevertheless, regardless of how things turned out he praised all his colleagues – young and old alike, who made his presidency a success.

Obama was quite critical of Donald Trump’s activities. He was proud that under his watch the terrorist mastermind bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. But he realized that America’s struggle with al Qaida would continue. He would continue to grapple with the fallout from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama praised the armed forces and the generals that were defending American interests in the Middle East.    



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