Interfaith Documentaries


Interfaith Documentaries

These diversified documentaries help amplify my posts on Facebook about cultures worldwide that were viewed on YouTube.

 Pillars of Faith: Religions Around the World 1:47:40

Comparative Religions Full Length Greg Ollick 46:15

Atheist: Inside the World of Non-Believers (2015) CNN Special 42:10

The Son of God is the Sun of God 30:01

Tibet – The End of Time 50:56

Reincarnation – A Documentary 1:30:39

Hinduism fully explained Jorge Wenzel 1:30:25

Confucianism and China 52:12

TAO in Everyday Life 43:27

The Origins of Islam 54:52

History of Evil 50:14

Gnostics – The Divinity of Man 51:59

Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus 1:23:11

The God Delusion – Full Documentary 1:33:42

Judaism Explained: Religions in Global History 17:51

Is there an afterlife? Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, David Wolpe 1:37:55

Michael Tellinger Exposes the Hidden Controllers of Mankind 57:36

The Sixth Sense 50:01

The History of Nations & Racism 26:56

Esoteric Astrology 1:06:18

Kurt Leland – The Chakras: A Magical Mystery Tour 1:12:19

Yogis of Tibet – Documentary – The Truth in The Dharma 1:16:37



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