Wildfires in Forests


Wildfires in Forests

Wildfires can occur in any country -

America, Canada, Australia,

And even in the Western Cape of South Africa

With climate change they have become prevalent.

Natural fires generally start by lightning.

Some begin by spontaneous combustion

Caused by sawdust and dried leaves,

And these fires burn for other reasons

But there are “good” and “bad” forest fires.


Wildfires are “good” when they are beneficial to mankind.

They turn dead trees and decaying plant matter into ashes

Causing nutrients to return to the soil,

Instead of being trapped in dead plant vegetation

So, wildfires clear the decaying trees

Of debris by returning health to the forest,

And some plants depend on the heat for germination


Wildfires are “bad” when they destroy homes

Causing a loss of lives and loss of cultivated acres

People suffer and they wipe out many species

Such fires also kill trees that prevent erosion

Thus, having a negative impact on the environment


In the forests more trees die because of insect infestation,

And disease than from wildfires

So, nature can be both “good” and “bad”,

Fires often help to restore the ecosystem of forests,

And the decomposed organic matter enriches the soil


“God, you have shown that with wildfires there could be mixed results.  So, help us in our quest to have a better understanding of climate change.”








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