Therapy Dogs


Therapy Dogs

A therapy pet could be a number of animals –

Dogs, cats, llamas, miniature pigs, mini-horses, or birds.

But many people choose dogs.

They could be an emotional support,

Therapy, and certified service dogs.


Why are these dogs necessary?

Many people attest to the benefits of having such pets.

For they lift their mood, relieve stress,

And help them recover from health problems,

While at home, in hospitals, and mental institutions.


Classrooms are also a good place for these animals,

And students benefit during physical exercise.

Interactions with dogs, lower blood pressure,

And having them around are stimulating,

For they help people with pain management.


There’s a difference between a “therapy dog” and “service dog.”

A therapy dog helps their clients physically and emotionally,

While a service dog performs tasks

That these individuals are unable to do themselves.


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