A Parent's Prayer


A Parent’s Prayers

A family is firmly built on love.

Joy springs from their hearts.

It’s the bedrock of what’s good.

It’s one of nature’s best blessings.


What’s it like to have a father and mother?

Imagine the happiness such a couple brings.

Many children do see their parents as role models.

This is because of the depth of love they share.


All children benefit from good parents.

They are raised in abundant happiness.

This is understandable with many parents’ sacrifices.

These same kids grow up to be outstanding citizens.


Yet, there are some parents that are greatly challenged.

They have to deal with wayward and rebellious kids.

Still, they persevere in trying to raise them well.

Most experience positive results with their persistence.


Over and over, a family’s prayers bombard the heavens.

Parents hope that their petitions will bear good fruit.

Many do attest that their lives with their children did change.

These parents delight about their amazing spiritual gifts.    


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