Embracing Your Passion


Embracing Your Passion

What are you meant to do?

Do you know your life’s goals?

What do these gifts mean?

And where are you heading?


Life is like an obstacle course.

People are tossed in many directions.

Some may think that they have arrived.

Then, a brand-new perspective appears.


Learn if a path is right for you.

Test the waters by asking hard questions.

Just don’t settle on the first answer.

At times, it’s good to look at the pros and cons.


Let what you love doing be your guide.

But even this can be tricky at times.

Do you keep returning to a special choice?

Ponder this thought in a variety of ways.


Know you have arrived when there’s a click.

You don’t feel pressure doing what you love.

Inevitably, it seems as though time stands still.

This is when you are embracing your passion.



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