Living on a Farm


Living on a Farm

What is a life well-lived?

What is a farmer’s roots?

What motivates a farmer?

And when does farming end?


People explore their farming lives.

Their journeys are in biographies.

They speak frankly about their tasks.

Dreams come alive in marvelous ways.


Growing up as a youth is challenging.

It’s an early experience of a farmer’s life.

Living in a rural community was best.

A farmer’s life was an ideal experience.


Raising animals kept the family on its toes.

Sheep, goats, cows, and chickens to feed.

Expensive veterinary bills had to be paid.

Often, their kids helped at the crack of dawn.


But it was quite cold during the winter months.

The animals’ pens would always be heated.

Yet, it was delightful to have wool from the sheep.

And fresh milk and eggs would all make it worthwhile.



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