Lucky Bets


Lucky Bets

What does it mean to be lucky?

Many gamblers see themselves this way.

But what happens when the tables turn?

The results can be devastating.


Whether you are betting on slots,

Blackjack, horse racing, or sports

You should be careful.

Never lose more than you can afford.


There are always the enticements to bet big.

But you should stick to your plan.

This is a lesson a wise gambler knows.

Don’t be swept up by the mood at the racetrack.


There are stories of players who have won.

It may be hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Yet, it’s known that the House is often the winner.

Many carelessness and recklessness players

Don’t prevail when it comes to betting


Remember most people are betting to have fun.

So, don’t let your bets bankrupt you.

Betting may be a major risk you are taking.

Remember, try your best to control this pastime

This enjoyment may well turn into a habit

That you may greatly wish to kick




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