Nature of Life


Nature of Life

Some Virginians are older now.

Their lives are gradually ebbing.

Is this the end of a well-lived life?

No one really knows.


Fleeting years have passed them by.

Where has all this time gone.

They are no longer vibrant and young.

Their faces are wrinkled with old age.


How do they feel about living?

Some may find it rather depressing.

They will rather take to their bed for comfort.

But most will prefer to rally on than to give up.


This condition is definitely a new reality

That’s in the second half of an older life.

It’s an experience of shattered dreams and pain.

Nevertheless, a Virginian mind may be clear.


Virginians view such a setback as a mountain.

Yes, at times they have fallen down as they ascend.

Yet, they know the resilience in their hearts live on.

They will strive and pull themselves up once more.

This is the condition of their luminous sadness.

It’s the discovery of the inevitable nature of an older life.



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