The Indomitable Spirit


The Indomitable Spirit

Some people’s love runs deeply.

It’s frosting on a beautiful cake.

Imagine their gift of abundance.

Their lives are unforgettable.


These people do amazing things.

Their gifts are often celebrated.

Yet, they tend to live simple lives.

What blessings they are to society!


These individuals live around the world.

Their talents are universally known.

Many are celebrated in the arts.

Some are revered in history books.


Others are well-known scientists.

Some are practitioners of religious faiths.

Their innovative ways have spread in the world.

And many nations have these heroes and heroines.


What is the foundation of their creative gifts?

Why is it these persons did accomplish so much?

How do they have notable legacies that stand out?

This story tells of the indomitable spirit of humankind.  


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