Winter Blues


Winter Blues

Old age has dawned.

It’s the winter of a long life.

So, it’s wise to be careful.

This is a personal responsibility.


Older people huddle at home.

Venturing out during winter is risky.

So, they decide to dwell mainly indoors.

Thus, they will be avoiding the snow.


The elderly homes are heated for comfort.

Trips to stores have become limited.

People know driving in snow is dangerous.

That’s why at this time many have the blues.


Most elders may have no one to help them.

It becomes hazardous when the snow piles up.

They may step outside to clear the sidewalks.

But many risk their lives by suffering from falls.


It’s good if the elderly can turn to family members.

They can help them obtain the essentials of life.

Still, there are those that are able to rely on neighbors.

At an older age many people dear to them have died.    


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