Love Transforms Suffering


Love Transforms Suffering

What should love-ones do?

Why should they rejoice?

How must they give thanks?

Such emotions about life are natural.


Many people will shed tears of joy.

They profess to be extremely happy.

A great weight has lifted off their shoulders.

They can now live lives in peace.


Those rejoicing have a new lease on life.

Some have beaten an incurable disease.

Ovarian cancer has almost killed them.

They sought treatment, fussed, and prayed.


These fortunate ones learned their disease was in remission.

Those results came after months of radiation and chemotherapy.

It was an experience they won’t wish on their worst enemy.

Luckily such treatment has led to their relief and a new life.


Through these ordeals stood the loving family of patients.

They were supportive and shouldered these responsibilities.

Their thoughts and prayers for good health were answered.

It’s amazing how love transforms suffering and usher in hope.





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