Flowers to Bloom


Flowers to Bloom

Raindrops keep falling.

Any day can be quite wet.

But are you prepared?

A storm is passing through.


Bring out your black umbrella.

Put on an old raincoat.

Just avoid being soaked.

Or, you may catch a cold.


Some folks see rain as a blessing.

Especially, if the land has a drought.

Others may view it as a nuisance.

But the truth lies somewhere in between.


Give me the rain any day.

There doesn’t have to be thunder.

Just hold the lightning for safety reasons.

A change of weather is always welcome.


Many people may be happier on sunny days.  

They like it when there’s a soothing breeze.

But downpours bring life to an aching earth.

Pouring rain causes flowers to bloom.


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