Love in the Air


Love in the Air

What a spectacular season!

Life is at its best for all to see.

Decorations are hung all around.

Trees outside breathe a wintry life.


It’s snowing and beautiful.

Icicles hang from our house tops.

Chocolate with marshmallows is a treat.

But cups of coffee sit idly by.


It’s warm sitting before the fireplace.

Listening to the whistling breeze.

Then, there’s soothing music in the air.

Our happy hearts are leaping with joy.


A bright New Year has dawned.

It’s a time filled with promise and hope.

So, be sure to fill a glass with wine.

Sip it slowly, and savor the best.


Dreams will become true in 2023.

Broken hearts will love again.

Bright stars will be reborn above.

And life’s possibilities will be realized.




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