Oldman River


Oldman River

This Oldman River keeps flowing by.

Its waves move towards the shore.

Their ruffles are sometimes abrupt.

But every now and again there’s calm.


Muddy waters often will be seen.

Winding stretches seem to meet the eye.

On its banks flora and fauna are a delight.

And the river swells and bloats for all.


It’s a beauty watching a canoe sailing.

Being tossed to and fro by unruly waves.

Yet, its couple persist in keeping her steady.

They may be trying to drop anchor in the deep.


Some may prefer to fish in these waters.

One never knows what form a catch may take.

Sometimes the rewards are greater than expected.

That’s when the darting fishes are really biting.


But the Oldman River keeps on flowing by.

Birds keep chirping with the lapping of its waves.

Curiosity seekers may be filled with wonder.

For, this river represents the essence of life itself.



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