Patchwork Quilt


Patchwork Quilt

Bits and pieces are special.

Regardless, what hold them together.

These can be part of a lovely quilt.


Care is taken to select its fabrics.

Their meanings are quite profound.

An assemblage clearly tells a story.

It’s about a life of love well-lived.


Putting pieces together is like a puzzle.

One never knows what they will become.

It only takes time to glance at this work.

A whole life will slowly appear.


Snapshots can be some colorful stories.

They will be happy or quite revealing.

Nevertheless, together they make a point.

One does feel the love of such a gift.


Why is there such meaning in a quilt?

What role does its diversity play?

Is such a picture a work of art?

This collection is beautifully merged. 


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