Rock of Ages


Rock of Ages

This mighty rock is inevitably our future.

It’s known for its ubiquitous qualities.

It stood against the raging storms.

Undoubtedly, its broadside is hopeful.


Some may view this rock as a Savior.

Such an individual is walking among us.

Others may simply pray for His grace.

His omnipresence transcends understanding.


But give this glory to an omnipotent God.

Happy are those who acknowledge His power.

He’s the Creator of all living and nonliving things.

He holds our faith in the palm of his hands.


That’s why this amazing One is a mighty rock.

One who’s deeply entrenched in our lives.

His glory resonates throughout the ages.

Dark days have given way to extraordinary light.


So, stand up and be counted in this world.

Sing glorious hymns to this One on high.

Let each new day roar with delight from your hearts.

A rock abides that transcends generations and generations.




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