Seeds of Hope


Seeds of Hope

For God’s sake, save the animals.

These creatures are our evolutionary cousins.

What’s done to them hurt humanity.

That’s why people should care.


Some animals are abused as food sources.

Many are packed and confined to small cages.

This enables farmers to increase their profits.

But these poor creatures have no voice.


Other animals are used in laboratory experiments.

They are isolated, drugged, and suffer pain.

These are confined as though they are prisoners.

But why does such scientific work lack compassion?


How should these thorny issues be handled?

Do animals have to be fed steroids to be fattened?

Why aren’t they protected as vital resources for humanity?

However, our basic morals are being flaunted and abused.


Little signs of hope are appearing on the horizon.

Better care is given to animals living in zoos.

Ethical farming has now taken on a new meaning.

More thoughtful ways are given to animal experiments.




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