Smell the Roses


Smell the Roses

Life is like a rose.

This revelation can be startling.

No one knows how it will turn out.

Yet, within its seed there’s beauty.


How is success measured?

Life’s blossoms can take many forms.

Some may view material wealth as a goal.

Others will temper this with good health.


But petals may mean having a spiritual base.

They are nurtured by an enduring faith on a life’s journey.

So, this flower may develop into all sorts of configurations.

Only the seeker will find out what’s best in their quest. 


The nectar of the rose causes bees to buzz.

Life is sweet when this flower begins blooming.

But many people may pursue a variety of goals.

Some believe eating delicious foods are a bliss.


Yet, it’s wise to remember relaxation is good for the soul.

Take care to be safe as you grow up to be much older.

For, regardless of how life is viewed, it isn’t for the restless.

It’s more for the contemplative who can smell the roses.  



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