Eternal Presence


Eternal Presence

People rejoice over this Eternal Presence.

What is its meaning?

Where does this presence reside?

Are we all conduits of its reality?


Folks are just wrapped up in their thoughts.

Many ideas flow through their heads.

They relate mainly to the future and past.

Obviously, their thinking is trapped horizontally.


The ego is a powerful way that anchors their decisions.

But one has to break loose of this trap to find reality.

An individual must recognize these thoughts aren’t you.

But the real you can only be found in another dimension.


This is when someone will adopt a vertical approach.

This will be where the mind is still to the present moment.

This reality overrides the chatter that occurs horizontally.

It’s the true awareness that focuses on this ultimate reality.


Everyone can gain access to this Eternal Presence.

This reality is the true presence of all living forms.

It’s transcendent and formless in nature,

The Eternal Presence exists now in our waking lives.  




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