Fear of Tragedies


Fear of Tragedies

Tragedies bring tears to people’s eyes.

Many sufferers weep uncontrollably.

Why do these bad things keep happening?

Such an experience is often a wrenching pain.


But there will always be natural disasters.

Out of nowhere an earthquake may strike.

There can be a tsunami that washes villages away.

Nor must we forget forest fires that start naturally.


Some disasters are caused by accidents.

This can be when a plane crashes with passengers.

A ship runs into a storm and sinks at sea with tourists.

Or, a tiger that may maul an acrobat at a circus.


But what is perplexing are the man-made tragedies.

It’s when a vindictive husband decides to kill his family.

Innocent people are killed by gun violence ravishing their cities.

Some leaders perpetuate upheavals with incendiary remarks.


Undoubtedly, many of these tragedies can be helped.

Good people can do their best to stress the dignity of life.

It’s well to remember to love one’s neighbor as oneself.

It’s a gift when people work to soothe the fear of tragedies.



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