Life of Abundance


Life of Abundance

Take one moment.

Just open your eyes.

What do you see?

It’s a life of abundance.


Sitting at the kitchen table.

Being comfortable in a chair.

Enjoying this morning breakfast.

The whole world is revealed.


It isn’t only the oatmeal with berries.

It isn’t only the fragrance of coffee.

It’s a whiff of smoke permeating the air.

The beauty of us savoring these delights.


Looking through the window the sun shines.

Glistening streams of light bless this day.

The flowers and trees stand still.

And thoughts of beauty permeate our minds.


How wonderful is this ethereal presence!

All the wonders of life are dancing around us.

But beneath these gifts are a divine stillness.

Life is presenting itself in its abundant radiance.   


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