Living with Change


Living with Change

Life blossoms like a rose.

It’s good to smell new wine.

Dark clouds give way to light.

Many experiences these glorious days.


But what does these changes mean?

What can people inherently expect?

How can they live their lives to the fullest?

Will they always be bashing in the sunlight?


What goes up must come down.

A person’s profession may bring joy.

But as one grows life will surely change.

This may be due to an illness or an accident.


The cart that was full of flowers will topple.

What a wise person is able to do is to adjust.

So, be with the flow and embrace this surprise.

Understanding what you do is always best.


Eventually life will lead to death.

This transformation follows further growth.

You will now live on and on in eternity.

Your true being will become a new reality.



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