Sharing God's Gifts


Sharing God’s Gifts

Life has its ups and downs.

One never knows where it will lead.

One day they are on top of the world.

Another day, they may be in a valley below.


How does someone manage their life?

There’s an ebb and flow everywhere.

Yet, there’s purpose riding in the tide of hope.

When they are down, be sure to get up again.


Misfortune has a way of presenting itself.

Some people experience this through illness.

This can be devastating like cancer or a heart attack.

But still, they persevere to do their best with such an affliction.


As the saying goes, “Good people can’t be kept down.”

They will rise again from the depths of despair.

It’s as though life has given them a second chance.

So, they go on to accomplish more and greater things.


This is how people discover a vocation that’s good for them.

This is when they step out from their troubled world to serve.

They may be a teacher, naturalist, religious leader, or scientist.

The goal for them is to share God’s gifts in a broken world.




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