Equal Justice


Equal Justice

There is a legal crisis about the poor,

and marginalized people in America.

Equal justice fighters are trying to stop the death penalty.

They are focusing on changing the prison conditions,

and excessive punishments for those who are wrongly convicted.


Equal justice proponents want to do away

with unfair sentences in criminal cases,

and take steps against racial bias.

These fighters defend the mentally ill,

who are floundering in prisons.

Poverty is dominating poor communities in America.


Justice equality means the criminal system

in this process should be rectified.

Americans must be educated about these issues.

Abusive power by the police should be confronted.

Even some innocent poor people are wrongly put to death

because of a corrupt justice system.


God, help those in the justice system continue to show compassion to the poor.

Be with equal justice fighters who are working to change the legal system,

and have police accountability.


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