Heaven on Earth


Heaven on Earth

Just look around. Tell me what you see. There are two streams of life.

One filled with happiness and the other with misery. People have a choice,

to embrace either of these dimensions. Do they wish to be joyful or sad?

Some may argue there are terrible wars, natural disasters, poverty,

death, racism, and rampant devastations. Yes, these evils are all true.


Despite these depressive conditions there’s Heaven on Earth that is calling all men,

women, and children. This starts by having the Eternal Presence within us.

This is the true I Am in the Christian lectionary, Buddha-hod in Buddhism,

and Atman in Hinduism among other faiths. Such a transformation

changes our experiences in the world to be magical.

All conditions begin to make sense in these celestial realms.

There is the understanding of the elements of life itself.


People learn that there is much more beauty than having material wealth.

They take their lessons from nature, and value the vibrancy of all living things.

Many delight, in the birth of the seasons. In springtime life comes alive in its abundance.

The breath of life reveals that it is Everlasting. Life’s all around us in our towns,

highways, gardens, seas, mountains, valleys, and forests. People have polluted nature,

but it fights back, just open your eyes, and see its brilliance. Everyday there’s

rejuvenation. New realities are born. Birds are singing, darting through the air, and there

are beautiful sunsets.


People live with an abundant of galaxies and natural resources.  All trees and flowers

have stupendous charm and diversity. But this Heaven and Earth is One that expresses

love and compassion. The Eternal Presence welcomes all harmoniously as true

brothers and sisters in this our earthly paradise.  


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