Life of Prayer


Life of Prayer

Why do people pray?

Does it make sense?

What does it mean?

Is your prayer answered?


These are all questions many believers ask.

But prayer is a way to express their feelings.

These may be troubling and perplexing problems

That are tugging at their heart, mind, and soul


In prayer most people turn to a supernatural force.

Many see this force as their God.

This God is known by different names worldwide.

But some people believe that their petitions are heard.


Disbelievers argue it’s just their imagination.

They say its self-fulfilling prophecy.

Others may say all this wishful thinking is delusional.

They argue why do bad things continue to happen?


Still, believers continue steadfast in prayer.

It makes them feel as though

They are tapping into a higher power for relief

But it could well be that prayer isn’t for everyone.

If it’s for you, you’ll believe your prayers are answered


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