Living Successfully


Living Successfully

How could people live successfully?

Is it having an ideal job?

Must one live in a mansion?

And drive a luxury car?

But is good health the best?

These are some questions that certainly come to mind?


Yes, you could be earning a six-figure salary.

You might be enjoying all the comforts of a beautiful home,

and the wonders of your car, but your health is not good.


Conflicting thoughts are causing you to worry about life’s problems.

How could you then be successful?

You might endeavor to calm your mind

by thinking positive thoughts and being at peace.


But here is a lesson for the wise.

It is not the trappings, and the material things that bring happiness.

It is also the state of one’s mind and overall health.


God, help us to have some clear ideas about how to live successfully.

Give us the will to change those things that we can, and to know the difference.



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