Spiritual Awakening


Spiritual Awakening

Life is a challenge.

People are always thinking.

In their heads are a running commentary.

This is what some think they truly are.


But these memories are false.

Many people dwell on the past and future.

They see the ends as justifying the means.

However, these perceptions are totally false.


The real You can be found in the Now.

It’s the presence is accessed in stillness.

So, be sure to completely silent your mind.

Then, you’ll start living in the present moment.


The past and the future are only One.

They are best described as the present.

Living with a thinking mind is unconscious.

While in stillness, one becomes conscious.


Between the space of stillness is the sacred.

This is where the real You are found.

With such presence, a person will tap into divinity.

This realization is called a spiritual awakening.



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