An Exceptional Life


An Exceptional Life

O the wonderful things about life.

Imagine a life well-lived.

What was it like being a child?


It’s a miracle coming into the world.

Being quite little and born with potential.

Making one’s way over the many hurdles.

Yet, people will witness the grace of life.


Adolescence is a different story.

Many kids may live conflicted lives.

There’s the tug and pull to be good.

Yet, tarnishes may leave blemishes.


But adult lives may be quite meaningful.

Many people do discover their passion in life.

They can come to this stage through perseverance.

By now, they might have erred many times.


Old age propels the soul in a different trajectory.

Elders will recall their struggles and triumphs.

It’s a time for reckoning with family and friends.

It’s knowing that one has lived an exceptional life.



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