Art of Living


Art of Living

What does such an art mean?

Many people do their own thing.

Is there a right way?

There seems to be different paths.


To some it may be going with the flow.

People experience these special moments.

Everything will just fall into place.

This approach may seem so very easy.


But what about doing the hard work?

Some plan and figure out their course of action.

They do so by the sweat of their brow.

Eventually, these individuals reap their rewards.


Others may decide to pray for guidance.

They may hold the belief that is the way of success.

So, they will offer up prayers for special blessings.

To them, this is not magical or wishful thinking.


Despite these approaches there must be goals.

Figuring out what to do, depends on the individual.

Therefore, everyone must devise a workable plan.

Then, focus on accomplishing the goals they set.





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