Joyful Sorrow


Joyful Sorrow

The world can be a sad place.

Yet, many rejoice in its joyful moments.

Such a picture presents itself often.

But how should people embrace this reality?


One must think about millions who are hungry.

Children are starving in poor developing nations.

Violence and crime upend the lives in neighborhoods.

People are devastated not knowing what to do.


There is a cry for justice around the world.

Still, other storms of life keep impacting their lives.

Natural disasters pounce on cities and even in the suburbs.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes blow structures apart.


Amid these catastrophes people regain their strength.

They band together and show their resilience.

Simple folks remain hopeful that better days are ahead.

For, they look to hope as they rebuild from such turmoil.


Setbacks have a way of strengthening people’s will.

Such an outlook shapes the way they view their communities.

That is how they decide to take problems in their hands.

God has placed in their hearts a joy shaped by sorrow.





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