Life's Possibilities


Life’s Possibilities

Life’s possibilities are alive and well.

In America everyone should get a piece of the pie.

That’s because all are blessed with that God-given right.

So, why should society subject some only to have crumbs?


Let each citizen use their gifts,

And pursue their dreams in this land of abundance.

In this way each one will be using their talents,

For the betterment of their fellowmen and women.


Believe in the possibilities and dreams of America.

Look ahead and welcome the shining light on the hill.

Our society must pursue justice, and let freedom reign.

Give everyone a job to do with dignity,

And provide the tools for scientists to cure diseases.


Diseases like sickle cell anemia, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

But leaders shouldn’t plan on leaving anyone behind.

With grateful hearts and steady hands

Let us pursue these dreams by sharing such goals in our communities.


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