Nature's Dream


Nature’s Dream

Having a good night’s sleep.

Lying comfortably in bed.

What a joy it is to be alive.

Outside though nature is talking.


I listen to her soothing wind.

Just sweeping across the landscape.

The birds are merrily singing along.

They are all welcoming a new day.


Occasionally, I hear dogs barking.

All these sounds are music to my ears.

Suddenly, out of nowhere there’s joy.

This merriment engulfs my being.


It must have been pattering on the roof.

The gentle drizzle of falling rain.

So, I rise up to take a look at this scene.

There are swaying trees in nature’s dream.


O how delightful is this dreamlike state.

But all these images are just passing by.

These pictures in my head are about life.

Everything only lasts in time at this moment.



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