One With The Universe


One With the Universe

I’m careful about life.

I often try to do my best.

I pray to the Eternal Presence.

And take good care of myself.

I endeavor to eat right, exercise, and have fun.

Still, I read a lot, and think about circumstances.

But you may not know what perplexes me?


I work hard to better myself.

I can honestly say that I’ve grown spiritually.

In much of my life, I’ve prevailed.

But a mystery lies with everything that I do.

Some people live by trying their best,

And when they die, they hope to reap rewards.

So, many men and women place their hopes in Heaven.

But I envision a different afterlife.


I don’t believe in a Christian Heaven.

Neither do I believe in reincarnation of Eastern faiths.

But what do I hold to be true?

At heart I’m a religious naturalist.

So, what happens after I leave this earth?

I’ll still be One with the Eternal Presence of the Universe.




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