Universe as Home


Universe as Home

Finding nature’s home is joyous.

It’s the warmth of splendid suns.

That’s where there’s peace.

And love reigns supreme.


A home is a blessed place.

Parents are a great gift.

Their children manifest this hope.

Happiness blossoms like flowers.


Colors adorn all of God’s creation.

Welcome home is the mantra.

But its beauty lies with nature’s loveliness.

Abundant blessings drown out all discontent.


But what does this universal home foretell?

In which direction are people heading?

Where will be their final resting place?

Many do look towards a heavenly home.


Yet, nature encompasses in every direction.

Some view it as the ubiquitous cloak of God.

That’s the abundance of animals, plants, and water.

Its sky, moons, and stars are just a part of home.



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