A Balanced Life


A Balanced Life

Living is all about balance.

It is the only way to be well,

Because people are complexed

They should aim for equilibrium.


This is by pursuing the simple ways of life.

Do not ever overdo, but weigh and consider.

It is the way you live that really counts.

So, be sure to embrace a basic lifestyle.


You should eat balanced meals.

Take daily walks of 20-thousand steps.

And, get a good night’s sleep.

Be sure to challenge your mind.

Seek peace with the Spiritual Force

Of this vast and ubiquitous Universe.


Practice fundamentals of healthy living.

And, remember to give love and be loved.

It is always good to be kind to others.

For, they are part of the human family.

So, just focus on being well-balanced

By doing what is important in your heart.



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