A Life of Optimism


A Life of Optimism

What does life mean?

Are there lessons to be learned?

Do people just live and die?

How should they live?


Take life one day at a time.

Enjoy every moment fully.

Be sure to smell the roses.

And have a glass of wine.


Life is shorter than you think.

Days pass by that many hardly remember.

But are they open to the undulations of change?

This is the only way to pursue happiness.


Our families grow up before our eyes.

Some people decide to have hobbies.

They pursue their dreams with a purpose.

These decisions mean a lot for older adults.


Older folks are faced with challenges.

Many of their afflictions are health issues.

These conditions cause unexpected problems.

Some may see their dreams of life shattered.

But why don’t they live like optimists?

It’s one way of living sanely in this world.  



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