Erwin's 80th Birthday


Erwin’s 80th Birthday

Where did the years go?

Cannot believe I will be an octogenarian.

But life has showered many blessings.

It is a miracle to be alive.


Every day my wife Mary makes me dream.

For, she holds me close to her heart.

I often delight over having our morning coffee.

I love breakfast of cereal, berries, and almond milk.


It is the little things that matter most of all.

The warmth of our son Matthew and daughter-in-law Shannon,

Sending cards, and thank-you notes to relatives and friends.

But this 80th birthday is most symbolic in my life.

It is the age when I continue to battle chronic ailments.


Yet, I do try to live a healthy life.

Most times I write, read, and enjoy a good book.

I enjoy delving into the biographies of famous people.

These individuals motivate me to live to my fullest potential.


Undoubtedly, I endeavor to eat healthy meals and exercise.

You can catch me three times a week on an exercise bike.

On my birthday on June 3rd 2023, our family will be in Virginia Beach.

Sunday we will be celebrating after Mass at Church of the Holy Apostles.   




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