Mother's Day


Mother’s Day

For all moms on Mother’s Day!

To the mothers, grand-mothers, and great grand-mothers

You are very special breed.

You are the ones who raise the children of nations.

You shoulder the responsibilities in their homes,

By nurturing, loving, and grooming them to be the best.

You have dedicated your lives by raising your children.

And you embrace these tasks with an all-encompassing love.


God has blessed you with the special gifts of motherhood.

You have guided your families well in a turbulent world.

So, you have taught them what is right and wrong.

And how to be good citizens in every nation of the world.

You nurtured your children in countries of different faiths -

Be they Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist.

Yet, although diverse, they live according to the Golden Rule.

Yes, they must do unto others as they would do unto themselves.


God, you have gracefully blessed the mothers of our lands.

And have guided them to be gracious guardians.

For such blessings, the families – husbands and children rejoice,

“Thank God, for the blessings for all these exceptional, and devotional women!”



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