Thorn in Flesh


Thorn in Flesh

Imagine the full scope of life.

With youth everything may be well.

Gradually, people age with a thorn.

A thorn in the flesh shapes their lives.


This pain is physical and psychological.

Some may collapse under the strain.

Others stand up to this constant irritation.

They say, “It is part of a hidden life.”


But what does a person benefit?

Are there good and bad days?

What can be done to lessen the pain?

But it is always best to go with the flow.


To live successfully means living with a thorn.

It is a vital catalyst of keeping people focused.

Although, people must not give in to the stress.

Sometimes, there are not any good answers.


As the saying goes, “People keep trucking on.”

When they take this approach, they build confidence.

These individuals overcome amazing odds.

They are determined by their efforts and live in hope.





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