Prayer for Guidance


Prayer for Guidance

Holy God, let us see what we should see.

Unchangeable God, let us say what we should say.

Truthful God, let us hear what we should hear.

Precious God, let us smell what we should smell.


Infinite God, let us touch what we should touch.

Wise God, let us sense what we should sense.

Creator God, let us discern what we should discern.

Omniscient God, let us know what we should know.


Eternal God, let us become what we should become.

Gracious God, let us think what we should think.

Sustainer God, let us walk where we should walk.

Omnipotent God, let us go where we should go.


Spiritual God, let us be what we should be.

Omnipresent God, thank you for guiding us.

O Eternal One, continue to guide our lives. 

Be with us as problems of daily living arise. 

And help us in our quest to be compassionate.



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