A Beautiful Story


A Beautiful Story

Matthew, you asked about horse racing.

It is a sport that I enjoy.

Many days in Georgetown, Guyana

I would go to a betting parlor on Camp Street.


Yes, I went there to play the horses.

Before my eyes were the TV screens.

But I focused on my favorite races on the program.

This was not done carelessly or recklessly.

Because I was sure to do my homework.

Yes, I did study the English horses and jockeys.


Once I made up my mind, I placed bets.

These were calculated, and based on my studies.

But sometimes I just used my intuition

On some occasions, and this insight worked well.

I knew however that the house would usually win.


It was a trifecta bet that I won about $5000.

This happened to be my lucky break to attend college abroad.

My family could not afford to pay the cost for such an education

You see, there were ten other siblings in our family.

Yet, only my dad worked for not much at Bookers in Water Street,

But mom stayed home, and did the heavy lifting with the kids.


This win helped paved my way to the University of Oregon.

It opened other doors in America to fulfill my dreams.

On I went on to other graduate schools, and married Mary, my soul mate.

As a result, you were born in Virginia Beach in the State for lovers.

Now destiny has brought us all to live in the beautiful City of Charlottesville.

With this amazing story, Mary and I witnessed your marriage to Shannon.


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