Christmas 2023 is Bittersweet


Christmas 2023 is Bittersweet

The Christmas season should be a time of rejoicing.
What has people done to the Christian Savior of the World?
Nations are in uproar.
Russia is at war with Ukraine, and trying to annex its territory.
Israel is endeavoring to wipe Hamas out of Palestine.
Thousands of innocent victims are being slaughtered, many are homeless, and countries' infrastructures are blown to pieces.
Billions of dollars are being spent on weapons of mass destruction.
What a terrible waste of resources!!
It's absurd where the major nations' priorities lie, when more than one-third of the world's population lives in poverty, or are whacked by chronic diseases.
Those billions can be better spent to heal such problems.
What has happened to society's values, morals, and priorities?
Please Offer Up Prayers!! Will mankind ever change?


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