Living With Death


Living With Death

Our son Matthew and daughter-in-law Shannon’s pet dog recently died. For a long time, Emma was sick. She was in pain and suffering, and her health took a turn for the worst. They therefore decided to put her down. It was very sad to see her go, tears were shed, and we are grieving our loss.

This experience made me reflect on nature shows I have watched about Life in The Jungle, where wild animals hunt their prey. It is always the strong, agile lions, and tigers over the weak. Life becomes an ongoing battle for survival.

Farmers raise animals of all sizes like sheep, cows, and pigs that are slaughtered, and marketed for our consumption. These creatures surrender their lives that we may have an adequate food supply.

Then there are man-made wars e.g., World War , World War , and others, that have killed and displaced millions of innocent people,
and devastated the planet with weapons of mass destruction.

Death and devastation have struck the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, and America whether by hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, forest fires, or tsunamis that have reaped havoc to millions.

Death is frightful. Still, we must live with it. Like life it is part of our existence. Some of it we can control. People do become sick and die. Many from natural causes, by accident, suicide, or through no fault of their own, but like wild animals we do kill each other.


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