Unity of America


Unity of America

Why do we fight and fuss amongst ourselves? Pull down and destroy this country by how we act. Why not make hay while the sun shines? America’s future destiny depends on how we behave.

It is amazing how we forget about the goodness of our nation. Some treat her disrespectfully. Why do they continue to lie, cheat, steal, kill, or deceive to get ahead? They are not only hurting themselves, but all Americans.

America as a land of freedoms should live up to its ideals. We ought to pull together, and assist each other – White and Black, rich, and poor, strong, and weak. There are unity and strength in diversity. Let us join forces, and make our communities stronger.

It is time we stop tearing this beloved nation apart. Let well-meaning people choose to be symbols of hope in the world. America’s democracy depends upon how we live, believe, love, think, and act.

This nation is a beacon on the hill. In our endeavors, there should be no excuse for not doing what is right. For a better future Americans should try their best to live in unity successfully.



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