World On Fire


World On Fire

For a variety of reasons, The World is on Fire. One major problem is caused by its leaders who have disregarded some of the earth’s basic laws.

-      From generation-to generation humans have lived as though natural resources are unlimited.

-      The race for nuclear superiority has continued to dominate world’s headlines.

-      Nations go to war instead of living in peace.

-      There exists injustice, and racial inequality worldwide.

-      About one-third of the world’s population lives in poverty, is hungry, and unemployed.

-      Millions of people are suffering from chronic diseases.

-      Global warming threatens life on earth.

Yet, developed nations have continued to pursue some policies that are detrimental to humanity. Major allocations in their economies reflect these discrepancies. Still, many nations live according to these harmful practices.

One wonders how is it that quite often history tends to repeat itself? Is it because humans are flawed? If that is the case, will mankind ever achieve their full God-given potential?

This reality will only be possible if they change course by addressing these problems. But is this possible? For eons many of these challenges have remained unresolved.

Erwin K Thomas, Author


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